Impel-Next LLP: Banking and Insurance Expertise Empowered by Salesforce, API Integration, and Cloud Solutions

Foreign remittance - Banking

Efficient Money Transfer Request Management:

Our software development solutions enable streamlined management of money transfer requests, ensuring secure and reliable transactions for our banking clients. With our expertise in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, we provide robust platforms to manage and track money transfer requests effectively.

Seamless User Registration and Management:

Impel-Next LLP specializes in developing user-friendly registration and management systems for banking institutions. Our Salesforce-powered solutions offer a smooth and intuitive user experience, facilitating seamless onboarding and maintenance of user accounts.

Swift System Integration for Transfer Instructions:

Our software development expertise includes seamless integration with the Swift system, enabling easy uploading and downloading of transfer instructions. This integration ensures swift and efficient communication between banking systems, enhancing operational efficiency for our clients.

Forex Rate Daily Mailer:

Impel-Next LLP's software solutions incorporate a daily forex rate mailer feature, providing up-to-date foreign exchange rate information to registered users. This automated system enhances user engagement and keeps clients informed about currency exchange rates, fostering transparency and trust.

Life Insurance Lead and Contact center management

Web Catalog Data Acquisition:

Our software development team excels in acquiring web catalog data through web services, enabling insurance companies to access and utilize valuable information efficiently. We employ cutting-edge techniques to extract and integrate data seamlessly, empowering our clients to make informed business decisions.

Contact Center Management:

Impel-Next LLP offers comprehensive solutions for managing insurance contact centers. Leveraging the power of Salesforce, we develop robust systems that optimize call routing, tracking, and customer engagement. Our software facilitates efficient communication and improves overall contact center performance.

Auto Dialler Data Generation:

With our expertise in auto dialler technology, we assist insurance companies in generating targeted data for effective customer outreach. Our software solutions automate the process of generating data for outbound campaigns, ensuring improved efficiency and increased conversion rates.

Inbound and Outbound Call Management:

Impel-Next LLP's software development expertise encompasses advanced call management systems for insurance organizations. Our solutions enable seamless handling of inbound and outbound calls, ensuring effective communication between agents and customers, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Data Integration with External Systems:

We specialize in integrating insurance systems with external platforms, using advanced technologies such as Dataspider ETL. Our software development solutions facilitate smooth data exchange, ensuring seamless integration with external systems and enhanced operational efficiency.

Catalog and Application Form Management:

Impel-Next LLP enables efficient data exchange between insurance systems and external entities such as printing business vendors. Our software solutions streamline the printing and sending of catalog and application forms, ensuring accurate and timely delivery.

Web-to-Case Handling and Auto Assignment:

Our software development expertise includes web-to-case handling capabilities, enabling insurance companies to manage customer inquiries efficiently. Our systems automatically assign cases to call center agents and regional business personnel, ensuring prompt and personalized customer support.

Impel-Next LLP excels in delivering high-quality software development solutions for the banking and insurance sectors. Leveraging our expertise in Salesforce (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud), API integration, and cloud technologies, we empower our clients with robust and scalable solutions tailored to their specific needs. Contact us today to discover how our software development services can transform your business operations.