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Your Partner for
Software Innovation

We are from IT background doing software designing, development, customisation, implementation, maintenance, testing software and solutions. We are focused techies in Java/JEE technology and salesforce & it's packages with extensive knowledge and work experience. Our team collectively has 60+ Man years of IT application development and system maintenance experience in India and Japan region. Our bilingual strength will be a great key for partnering and successfully executing projects from Japan. The dedicated and super performing management team is committed to be in all the way to make the customer success journey at it's best.

Unique Experience

Listening to customer's needs, take feedback to heart, go an extra mile with immense industry’s standard.

Global Marketing

Though more presence in Japan & India, we have foot print in USA, Canada & Singapore.

Unique Ideas

Best solution is our motto adhering to the latest technology advents.

Unlimited Features

Flexibility & tailored development models, pricing, business models.

Strategy Planning

Rain or shine, our management puts customer first approach to design and deliver success stories for mutual improvements and achieving goals.


Closely work with Customer's planning and schedule to deliver on time and negotiate the pitfalls foreseen well ahead with excellent technical team backup and vast experience in system design and development & Maintenance.